Each initiative of internationalization of companies counts with the involvement and effort of a team of professionals whose goal is to ensure the success of each partnership.  

The operation model is supported by a whole system of management and a robust reporting and organizational structure equally well developed and focused on results, planned for specific commercial and long-term relationships with our customers.

Our goal is to locate, select and contact potential prospects in each territory, according to our customers` profile and defined target. We work of prospecting, marketing and physical visits, if necessary. We leverage relationships and industry knowledge we have in each territory offering you well developed business network and market knowledge.

In the beginning of each collaboration we establish the objectives of the initiative, the strategy for achieving goals and expectations.

A weekly meeting is held monitoring and reporting on the participation of the responsible Account Manager, the Director of each country and the Director of Operations and the client.

Each initiative has a reporting system that is updated in real time, so everyone involved can access this information,  regardless of the time zone in which they are located.

Organizational Structure

Responsible for supporting,  manage and set a strategic focus to the Account Managers in the territory.
In charge of all the work of prospecting, marketing and positioning of your accounts. They have a limited amount of assigned accounts to ensure optimal care and commercial developments of each initiative.
Supports all Country Directors and Account Managers in administrative tasks..
Coordinates, manages and focuses the operation strategy of all countries, is the bond of communication and reconciliation between our customers and our operational staff.