Export services

• Sectoral analysis
• Product analysis
• Analysis of competition
• Opportunities analysis and positioning
• Labelling requirements

  • Certificates and registers
  • Tariffs and taxes
Phase 1: Prospección básica y Agenda

  • Localization of companies
  • Product presentation
  • Meetings with interested parties

Phase 2: Prior Study + Advanced Prospecting & Events:

  • Sectoral analysis
  • Product analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Product presentation
  • Meetings with interested parties
Phase 1: Preliminary Study + Advanced Exploration and Agenda:

  • Sectoral analysis
    • Product analysis
    • Analysis of competition
    • Opportunities analysis and positioning
    • Product presentation and positioning
    • Schedule meetings


Phase 2: Sort end distribution options:

  • Importer / Distributor
    • regional distributors or product lines
    • Distributors and End Users
    • End customers


Phase 3: Setting priorities and services in medium and long term:

  • Prospection and sales
    • Service customer care / sales
    • Logistics and distribution
    • Fiscal Representation
    • Administrative and Financial support
    • Office spaces, recruitment if required
• Basic prospection, mailings, calls
• Option of advanced prospection, mailings, calls, appointments and presentations of business and products, scheduled meetings at the trade shows.
• Organization, preparation and assistance at the trade shows.
IGE offers a translation service for documents and your marketing materials (brochures, catalogs, files, web) to the language of the country of export. IGE has bilingual native speakers. We also offer interpreting services for interviews with foreign customers.

  • Spanish • English • Czech • Russian

Marketing services for exportation

Advertising material is essential for export because of distance between the company and the customer. Having a representative publicity material, a good online presence, adapted to the customer’s language gives a good image of the company supports the export manager and increases your chances of sales. We create corporate documents to provide your business with a coherent and comprehensive image. We work from the search and development of the concept, to the graphic expression of it. All with the aim of transmit the values ​​of your brand to potential customers.
Having a good online presence today is a must, not only for companies, but also for entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals to develop every kind of economic activity.

Image and Web Usability

The image, structure and usability of your website, software or extranet site are audited and improved. This significant improvement helps to improve sales, brand image , customer loyalty and productivity.

Webs design web sites

We analyze your needs and based on them design solutions you need . We propose efficient management systems for safe, fast and reliable technology platforms.

Web Auditing

We analyze your website and your competition to improve your sales results and  image.

Our service provides a complete documentation with information on the current state of your website and recommendations, contained in a comprehensive plan of action to improve their business processes online.

IGE offers online marketing focused on achieving profitable results for your business.

We keep you informed of all actions to be carried out, we keep you constantly informed of developments and periodically evaluate the results in order to achieve the best results and meet your business goals.

Some of our services:

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Social Networks and Blogs
E-mail Marketing


Each initiative involves and effort of a whole team of professionals. Our goal is to ensure the success of each partnership.