Internationalization nowadays is a key of success. In order to overcome the economic downturns, companies all over the world are looking for internationalization, including import and export in Latin America opportunities to expand and diversify their markets. Successful internationalization is based on local market experience, strong business network and winning marketing strategy. Importaciones Global Europa offers a simple and affordable solution to achieve internationalization. Importaciones Global Europa carefully studies and selects every service and product before marketing and developing it on the target locations.
IImportaciones Global Europa is a multi-cultural company founded in 2002 in Mexico City. We focus on import and export strategies. When it comes to doing business in Latin America, Importaciones Global Europa is your best partner. Thanks to its flexible business model and a fast adaptation to globalization needs of the customers, Importaciones Global Europa is a leader in developing integrated internationalization strategies in foreign trade.


  • We speak local languages
  • We have a full control and deep knowledge of our clients business destination.
  • Local business and institutional networking
  • Permanent local presence and availability
  • Faster commercialization at minimum cost without a need of own self-infrastructure
  • Intensive prospecting and marketing


We make things happen!

Importaciones Global Europa

Companies´operational model is supported by a system of management and fairly robust reporting and organizational structure, well developed and focused on results, planned for spot trading and long-term relationships with our customers.

Nuestra visión es ser líderes de mercado en el asesoramiento y desarrollo de estrategias de comercio exterior de vanguardia para nuestros clientes, representando para ellos la respuesta a todas sus necesidades de globalización.

Nuestra misión es facilitar la internacionalización de nuestros clientes con la mínima inversión, desarrollando estrategias especificas para cada uno de ellos, brindando las mejores soluciones integrales de forma personalizada en función al perfil de sus servicios y productos.

“Disfrutamos lo que hacemos.”
“Valoramos y fomentamos la aportación de ideas.”
“Construimos relaciones de largo plazo con nuestros clientes .”
“Responsabilidad y el respeto hacia los demás.”
“La comunicación y la empatía con nuestros clientes.”
“Nuestras acciones están orientados a las necesidades de nuestros clientes .”
“Superar los retos y adversidades inspiran nuestras vidas.”

Some of our services

• Sectoral analysis
• Product analysis
• Analysis of competition
• Opportunities analysis and positioning
IGE prepares travel AGENDAS to the chosen export market to ensure the business meetings with those interested in your products/services. We also offer an interpreter and PA if required. We help with the logistics, hotels, flights and other administrative issues.
IGE lensures that you have the best commercial support in the export market. We offer professionals specialized in your sector. Our service consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1: Preliminary Study + Advanced Exploration and Agenda
Phase 2: Sort end distribution options
Phase 3: Setting priorities and services in medium and long term

• Basic prospection, mailings, calls
• Option of advanced prospection, mailings, calls, appointments and presentations of business and products, scheduled meetings at the trade shows.
• Organization, preparation and assistance at the trade shows.