Commercial representation, business development and internationalization in America, Middle East and the European Union.

We will help you doing business in top destinations worldwide. In IGE we are a great team of professionals specialized in business development in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and other top destinations worldwide. IGE is an expert in advising their clients in their internationalization process through the commercial Representation of their products and services in America, Middle East and the European Union. We are the best ally of our partners in his foray into international markets.

We are not a consulting firm…we are not traders … we are your eyes and ears in every country we work. Through commercial representation we promote your products and services whilst you are focusing on what you are best at. We make it happen!

Some of our services

• Sectoral analysis
• Product analysis
• Analysis of competition
• Opportunities analysis and positioning
IGE prepares travel AGENDAS to the chosen export market to ensure the business meetings with those interested in your products/services. We also offer an interpreter and PA if required. We help with the logistics, hotels, flights and other administrative issues.
IGE lensures that you have the best commercial support in the export market. We offer professionals specialized in your sector. Our service consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1: Preliminary Study + Advanced Exploration and Agenda
Phase 2: Sort end distribution options
Phase 3: Setting priorities and services in medium and long term

• Basic prospection, mailings, calls
• Option of advanced prospection, mailings, calls, appointments and presentations of business and products, scheduled meetings at the trade shows.
• Organization, preparation and assistance at the trade shows.

More than 30 clients trust in us 

News (in Spanish)

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AKO expande en México

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